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If you do not have an on-site safety technician, problems can arise such as exposure to dangerous substances, injuries from machinery, and uncontrolled hazards in the workplace.

Read on to learn more about the importance of having an on-site safety technician.


Safety consultants are becoming very common among companies that strive to provide a safe, healthy, and efficient work environment. An on-site safety technician will inspect workplaces to ensure that they comply with federal, state, and local safety codes like Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Safety Standards.

Worker safety is also heavily taken into consideration. Our team can fulfill a range of services including 24-hour on-location stays to once-a-month audits.


A safety inspection helps an organization look for safety hazards and unsafe practices throughout a facility. Safety inspections allow companies to prevent possible risks like bodily injuries or death from occuring.

Responsibilities for an on-site technician include:

  • Maintain and develop safety and health inspection log
  • Plan and administer site-specific safety and health plans
  • Draft safety audit reports
  • Update safety regulations if needed


There are many potential hazards that can occur if there is not an on-site safety technician such as:

  • Exposure to dangerous substances
  • Injuries from machinery
  • Uncontrolled hazards, such as chemicals

By making safety a priority, it can decrease injuries, property damage, and improve quality and reputation.


The primary task for the on-site safety technician is to assess workplace safety. The on-site technician will conduct regular inspections of the workplace.

He or she will inspect the equipment provided for employees to make sure that they have the correct labels and that the equipment meets safety standards.

After the initial inspection, the on-site technician will provide a list of safety issues to the management team for them to be corrected.

About Compliance Services - Safety Services


It is important to follow all OSHA safety standards and regulations.

The three safety standards are:

  • Hazardous Communication (HAZCOM)
  • Cranes and Derricks (Annually Inspected)
  • Record keeping


HAZCOM is essential when purchasing hazardous chemicals from other countries. Labels and Safety Data Sheets will be the same format (across countries) and easy to follow.  

HAZCOM can prevent accidents, illnesses, and provide chemical users with information on what they need to take, in case of a chemical explosion.

Cranes and Derricks

All telescopic and lattice type boom cranes and derricks must be inspected annually, according to OSHA “Cranes and Derricks” inspection standards.

This type of inspection consists of disassembling the entire crane and has to have a “Qualified Person” complete the extensive inspection.

The reason it has to be inspected by a Qualified Person is to see if it functions correctly once it is re-assembled. You must keep a record of these inspections to prove that your company is having these machines continuously updated.

Record Keeping

As mentioned above, keeping records of inspections are crucial.

In case of an accident or injury, having records can prove that your company has done the best they could to prevent injury and/or illness.

Records and documents include:

  • Trainings
  • Medical records
  • Safety data sheets on chemicals used on the job
  • Inspections


On-site safety consultants will be trained in a variety of safety concerns:

  • Demonstrating the proper use of equipment.
    • This is important because it can reduce employee exposure to hazards, minimize possible harm, demonstrate compliance with safety regulations and create awareness in the workplace
  • How to operate equipment
  • Types of safety training for specific workforces


Employees should feel safe when at work, and safety should also be a business’s top priority. There are many benefits to hiring an on-site safety technician, which include:

  • Maintaining overall safety in the workplace
  • Services available as needed or as specified by contract
  • Up-to-date safety regulations
  • Convenience: If an issue arises there will already be a safety technician on-site. This means a faster response time to have qualified personnel at your disposal.


Compliance Services was developed to help companies adhere to the ever-growing demands of OSHA safety regulations. With more than 30 years of experience serving the energy sector, we have learned to comply with regulations in an efficient manner that we believe will benefit any company.

Our premium services include:

  • Standby rescue services
  • High angle rescue services
  • Confined space entry and rescue services
  • Writing of entry procedures and guidelines
  • H2S Rescue
  • Ventilation of confined space
  • Ambient air gas testing and monitoring– LEL, O2, H2S, CO, VOCs
  • Secondary fall arrest systems
  • Explosion proof lighting
  • Site safety personnel and Site entry attendants
  • Supply of Grade D breathing air for ventilation
  • Chemical spill confined space rescue
  • In-plant safety centers and on-site personnel professionals
  • Sale of PPE gear
  • Sale and rental of safety products to include:
  • Single and multi-gas portable and fixed detection equipment
  • Drager safety products PARAT escape hoods (no fit test required)
  • SCBA’s – 20 and 30-minute 2216 PSI and 60-minute 4500 PSI units (fit test required)
  • Fall protection equipment
  • Personnel safety classes held at our facility, your site, or at a designated hotel conference center.

Contact us today for your no-cost safety assessment! See what a difference Compliance Services can make to your safety, operational, and financial performance.


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