If you do not have a gas monitoring system, your workplace can be exposed to harmful substances.

Read on to learn more about the importance of having a gas monitoring system.


 A gas monitoring system is a device that will detect any presence of gas in the surrounding area.

This system can detect gas leaks or other substances that can interfere with the control system so it can be shut down.

At Compliance Services, we offer two types of monitoring systems that include gas sensor heads and stand alone monitors.


 Gas Sensor Heads

Types of hazardous gases

  •  Ammonia: Ammonia has a very strong odor, but it is hazardous because exposure to high concentrations of ammonia in the air causes burning of the eyes, nose and throat irritation.
  • Carbon monoxide: Carbon monoxide is very hazardous when ingested because it displaces oxygen in the blood and blocks oxygen from the heart or brain.
  • Methane: High concentrations of methane could displace the oxygen supply you need for breathing, which could lead to loss of consciousness. It can also cause headaches, dizziness or nausea.

Gas Sensors Heads are installed in hazardous areas to detect hazardous gases, protect personnel and analyse the environment.

Our American made, gas sensors heads have:

  • 6-9 months of battery life
  • Wirefree that prevents tripping hazards
  • Continuous monitoring of gases
  • Magnet mounted for placement in tight areas
  • Tripod mounted for placement in open areas
  • LEL, H2S, O2, CL2, H2, NH3, CO, SO2, HF and more
  • Most reliable, durable, rugged sensors on the market
  • Class 1, DIV 1 explosion/flame- proof housing
  • Weather resistant with rain splash guards

 Stand Alone Monitors

A stand alone monitor will detect hazardous concentrations of combustible gases in the air. These gases can include, methane, propane, butane and gasoline.

Our stand alone monitors are easy to use and can be placed anywhere. The features include:

  • Data logging capabilities
  • Standalone unit to be placed anywhere
  • Remote monitoring capability
  • Integrated with Pason as well as other electronic drilling formats
  • Touchscreen for easy use
  • AC (alternate current) or DC (direct current) powered
  • Visual and audible alarms
  • User friendly interface


 Some gases are flammable, like natural gas. This can be dangerous because if there is a flame or spark in the area of the leak, it could cause a fire or explosion.

Another hazardous gas is carbon monoxide, because you can not see or smell it. When people breathe in carbon monoxide, it gets into our blood and will stop the oxygen from getting to our brain.

When gasoline, such as carbon monoxide, is burned, it causes air pollution. Burning gasoline can produce carbon dioxide, which is a greenhouse gas. 


Here at Compliance Services, we use the best-known technologies in the industry. We use Otis Instruments’ Wire Free system, which detects toxic, combustible, oxygen and carbon dioxide gases. The Otis Instruments’ Wire Free system is the world leader in wireless gas detection because of the reliability, quality and operating interface.

Compliance Services is the largest Otis Instruments distributor in the Marcellus Formation and Utica Basin. The Marcellus Formation and the Utica Basin stretches through New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and parts of Ohio.

Our sensor units have a six to nine month battery life, which eliminates the need for large solar panels. The systems can be placed on a magnet for areas in tight places or on a tripod for open areas.

Our gas monitoring systems are services and tested every week on location to make sure all federal and manufacturer guidelines are met. All maintenance and testing is documented if an inspection is necessary.

Compliance Services gas monitoring gas systems come with 24-hour on-call service, are insured and have an A rating with International Supplier Network (ISN) and PICS. We will provide and service this life saving monitoring system.


  • Weekly bump test
  • Monthly calibrations
  • 24-hour on call service
  • Email and text message alerts
  • Delivery, rig up, and rig down
  • Ability for remote lights and horns
  • Rescue equipment with escape packs
  • On-site field services


To make sure your company is safe from hazardous gases, give us a call to install a gas monitoring system.

Compliance Services helps companies adhere to the standards of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). With more than 30 years of service, we have learned to comply with regulations that will benefit your company.

 While we heavily serve the east coast, our company has the capability to send a team anywhere in the country.

Thinking about installing a gas monitoring system? Give us a call at: 800- 283-3557.