All-access OSHA Compliance.

We ensure on-site OSHA compliance and best practices so you can be fully equipped for any emergency. Trust the experts with preventative and reactive emergency services to protect your site and workers.

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Preventative Services

Our preventative services prepare you for any emergency with trained safety consultants who conduct thorough on site audits to keep workers safe.

Onsite Safety Consultant | Audits

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Active Services

Our active services actively keep your site safe with OSHA compliant safety shower trailers and the latest in emergency technology, including alarms, monitoring, and even lightning prevention.

Safety Trailers | Lightning Prevention | Iron Restraints | Evacuation System | Fire Eye | Gas Detection and Monitoring
High Pressure Evacuation Zone | Manless Pressure Alarms | ESDs (Emergency Shutdowns) | Misc. Rental Products

Our active services actively keep your site safe with OSHA compliant safety shower trailers and the latest in emergency technology, including alarms, monitoring, and even lightning prevention.

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Reactive Services

Our reactive services are at the ready to rescue workers in the event of life-threatening onsite emergencies.

Firefighting | Confined Space Rescue

Active Services

Safety Trailers.

A Trailer for Every Need.

We offer state-of-the art equipment, including the Bradley drench shower and face wash in every trailer. Our shower and eye/face wash work independently, providing flow and pressure to meet OSHA regulations.

Our trailers include:

  • Drench Shower
  • 2X20lbs ABC Extinguishers
  • Eyewash Station
  • Self-Contained Unit
  • AED
  • Seating Area for 5-7 People
  • 4 Shelf First-Aid Kit
  • Heating and Air-Conditioning Unit
  • Blood pathogens Kit
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Active Services

Monitoring & Alerting.

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Gas Detection and Monitoring.

At Compliance Services, we proudly use Otis Instruments’ WireFree™ system, the world leader in gas detection. Renowned for its quality, reliability, and easy-to-use operating interface, we fully service our gas monitoring systems and test weekly on location to ensure they meet all federal and manufacturing guidelines.
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REActive Services

Standby & Emergency Services.

Rescue done right. On-site OSHA compliant rescue services tailored to your site so you can be prepared for any emergency.


We offer Kubota-mounted foam units for immediate response in extreme terrain. Compact tanks with a capacity of 30-60 gallons can discharge up to 1,200 gallons of finished foam in as little as 6 minutes. Flourine-free, PFAS A/B climate-controlled foam solution is freeze-resistant up to -40°C for fire safety in all conditions.
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Confined Space Rescue.

Our confined space rescue experts are on standby to keep workers safe when entering and exiting confined spaces. Be prepared in the event of any confined space emergency with confined space ventilation and ambient air testing (Lel, O2, CO, H2S, VOCs), as well as secondary fall arrest systems, explosion-proof lighting, and high angle rescue services.
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Active Services

Guaranteed Prevention Systems.

a metal object used for lightning prevention

Lightning Prevention.

We offer a 100% guaranteed lightning prevention method that utilizes the science of deionization in conjunction with grounding practices. This innovative approach, known as the Variable Electromagnetic Field Balancer, is capable of preventing lightning strikes before they occur, surpassing the prevention capabilities of any other product currently available on the market.

Product Specifications

  • 6-Modified Capacitors
  • 14.5h x 9.5w inches
  • 393.7 ft (120m) Radius
  • 17.5 lbs (7.983 kg)
  • Up to 900 KV/Microsecond
  • No power required
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Active Services

Iron Restraints.

Prevent Catastrophic Failure.

Restrict, arrest, and restrain the movement of temporary piping during a catastrophic failure at pressures greater than atmosphere. Installation, inspection and maintenance of the R-STOP™ Restraint System should be completed by persons trained and qualified by Compliance Services. Training is available through our Carmichaels, PA Compliance facility.

R-Stop™ and Restraint Selection Guide Specifications

  • Withstand up to 15,000 PSI
  • Training available
  • Available for liquid and gas-filled lines
  • Not suitable for lifting or pulling
  • User flexibility for setup and removal

Restraint Type

  • GS-360 / AIW (Single + Double Wraps)
  • GS-500 / RStop Lite (Single Wraps)
  • GS-400 (Double Wraps)

Destructive Test Failure Point

  • 74,800-155,900 lbs
  • 106,060 lbs
  • 204,900 lbs
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Restraints available in the following:

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